I’m watching corpse bride with my neighbor #college

in other news I’m really really tuckered out and I still have one more thing to do today that involves running around I think

I keep seeing this dude who looks like tj miller


this is slater. while i was checking out his parents, i offered him a treat. after the treat, he just refused to leave the back of the counter. and when his parents tried to take him, he jumped onto the bagging area and just made himself comfortable. 

it’s so hot in my dorm you guys I want to die

also I really have to pee

the weird thing is that like now that I’m here I’m not really nervous anymore?? like it helps that I have a roommate that I really get along with and can do stuff with so I’m not alone but I’m pretty chill man

I’m sure I’ll start freaking out once I have to go to my classes for the first time but whatever man I’ll take what I can get

so I’m all moved in


theatre challenge | 6/8 songs → Wish I Were Here

(Source: cynthia-weil)

have I mentioned yet that I’m making Dustin come with us tomorrow to help me move

I think I’ve pretty much gotten all my stuff packed up??


Big dogs who think they are lap dogs


So why did you start a blog? I did cos I wanted to howl into the void more effectively. Maybe make a few puns at the void. Hurl a few selfies into the void. Hope the void thinks I’m pretty.